Friday, January 16, 2015

Is Organic Juice a Passing Trend?

With the growing popularity of organic juice cleansing the lifestyle of fueling our bodies with nutrient packed raw whole foods can seem like somewhat of a trend. Juice companies are popping up on every corner and all over the internet. History shows that often times as something become more common and flows into mainstream society its original idea or principle may become easily diluted.

The great thing to know is that Ritual Wellness is not a part of a trend or popularity contest. When it comes to promoting a healthier lifestyle through juice cleansing we take our mission seriously. Our juices have always been geared toward empowering our clients with the best tasting organic juice on the market with maximum nutritional value. Our cold-press process of extracting the juice results in organic juice with over 500% more nutrients than the average juice cleanse. All of our juices are 100% USDA Organic grade and Non-GMO verified. The simple translation is that our Ritual Wellness bottles are power-packed with revitalizing juice that your body will love!

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