Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Post Thanksgiving Cleanse?

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is synonymous with eating. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie, and green bean casserole are just a few of the staple foods you can find at most tables across the US. It has almost become socially acceptable to gain weight during the holiday season but to keep gaining and then losing weight isn't good for you. One way to help ensure you wont pack on the pounds this holiday season is to do one of our Juice Cleanses after Thanksgiving, before the December Holidays.
The Reset Juice Cleanse is specially formulated to fuel your body with essential nutrients while simultaneously supporting your body's own natural ability to detox. While on the Reset Cleanse, you flood your body with nearly 20 lbs of USDA certified organic produce per day, cold pressed into delicious juices that are filled with active enzymes and vibrant nutrition. Ritual Wellness Juice Cleanses
A raw juice cleanse can help curb unhealthy cravings, break food addictions, reset your metabolism, and flush out GMOs and processed food toxins. This is the perfect way to get your body feeling great after Thanksgiving and before the December Holidays Arrive!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ritual Wellness Cocktails!

Here at Ritual Wellness, we enjoy a good cocktail every now and then! We have a delicious line of 100% Organic Ritual Mixers for creative and convenient signature cocktails. Living healthy is important to us, and we take pride in our cold pressed juices and mixers because they have the freshest, organic ingredients!

If you are throwing a party, we suggest checking out our unique selection of healthy mixers. You can mix them with adult beverages, and the possibilities are endless! Being creative is always fun, and Ritual Wellness can help you spice up the party with health and good cheer!

Seasonal drinks are fun to create, and with our Seasonal Juices coming out on a constant basis, you will never get bored of our ever-changing selection! We have so much to offer, and mixing it up every now and then makes for an interesting experience. Explore your creative side and see what you can do with Ritual Juices!

Take a look at our line of Ritual Mixers on our website today at http://ritualwellness.com/ritual-mixers, and see what everyone is talking about. Ritual Mixers are delicious and healthy, and they make any party interesting and fun! Making yummy cocktails is a great way to introduce good health to your friends, and we’re sure they will thank you for it!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ritual Wellness is a Way of Life

Ritual Wellness is not just an organic juice company; Ritual Wellness is a way of life! Here, we believe in the benefits of a juice cleanse and the positive changes in your life that come along with it. The first place to start is a positive outlook on life that gives you the motivation to make a change and take care of your body’s system. Cleansing and purifying your system will allow you to feel better both physically and mentally. You’ll begin to see things more clearly, and your body will run at peak performance. It takes a lifestyle commitment to being happy and healthy, and the rest will fall into place.

The ingredients in Ritual Wellness’ organic juices are the recipe for pure goodness. There are no chemicals or preservatives, and each fruit or vegetable is hand selected from USDA certified farms. USDA certification is upheld by Congress in the Organic Foods Production Act. They take the organic standard very seriously, and we do too. You feel good about yourself, so you should only put good things in your body!

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) makes sure that organic farms and processors preserve natural resources and biodiversity. They also ensure that genetically modified ingredients are not used, and only approved materials are involved in the growing process. In this program, animal health and welfare is supported, and access to the outdoors is required so that animals can exercise their natural behaviors. 

Ritual Wellness’ juices are also GMO-free. GMO is the abbreviation for genetically modified organism. It’s very important to do your research before you select your juice cleanse company because you don’t want to ingest harmful GMOs. We only put natural ingredients in our products, and we only follow the highest nutritional standards.

Nearly 20 pounds of USDA certified organic produce is packed into every day’s serving of six 16-ounce bottles of Ritual Wellness juice. In a typical American diet, there are chemicals and additives that your body must break down in order to digest. When you do a Ritual Juice Cleanse, you are allowing your body to process the natural ingredients easily, and freeing your system from the burden of breaking down all of these toxins. You’ll feel the difference in three days, and your body will thank you!

Other Organic Companies feel the same way about our juices as we do! We have built our reputation on the satisfaction of our customers and the positive feedback we hear each and every day. Try a Ritual Juice Cleanse, and see what everyone is talking about! Here at Ritual Wellness, we thrive in the glow of positivity we share with our customers because Ritual Wellness is a way of life!